Pension Advise

Investing towards the future is an absolute must and one should start planning for retirement straight away.

Having a sufficient income in retirement should be a major financial priority, as it is obvious that one day you will retire and when you do, you will need an income. At present there are tax incentives on offer for pension planning, which everyone should take advantage of, including those few who are wealthy enough not to worry about their retirement income. Even business owners need to prepare for the future, they may think that at retirement they will sell off the business and live off the proceeds, however there are a number of risks associated to this plan, including the fact that the business may fail, or the proceeds may not provide a comfortable income, at time of retirement.

It is obviously advantageous to start saving for retirement due to the evident tax advantages on offer and the fact that the income from state pensions may not be enough to see you comfortably through retirement. Joining a dedicated pension scheme or plan is highly advisable because the contributions paid into the scheme receive tax relief at the highest rate of income tax, any profit from the money invested in the pension scheme is tax free, unless it is dividends on shares, which is taxed at 10 percent. Here at CP Hodgson Ltd we will manage the fund choice in your pension scheme and provide tax efficient growth to meet your target pension fund.

We provide advice on the following schemes ...

  • Personal and Group Stakeholder Pensions
  • Personal and Group Pensions
  • Pension Switches
  • Self Invested Pension Schemes
  • Small Self Administered Schemes
  • Income Drawdown
  • Annuities